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  • Collection: Protecting Paper at the Palmer

Installation view showing Honoré Daumier's Shwell... this is what I call a shplendid job.... and for shust five chous per pound!... (Ché cha une belle chaudronnerie!... et qu'il y en a pour de l'argent cheulement à chinq chous la livre!....), as it…

Installation view showing Parmigianino's St. Thais, before and after conservation.

Installation view showing Mary Cassatt's, Margot Wearing a Large Bonnet Seated in an Armchair, before and after conservation. Thomas Hart Benton's Spring Tryout is hanging on the right.

Not all newsprint is created equal. One of the more remarkable aspects of this page from the Parisian newspaper Le Charivari is how fresh it appears. Printed nearly 150 years ago, it bears very little of the yellowing that begins to occur with…

The coloring of this engraving by Giorgio Ghisi represents a conundrum for the museum. The painting of prints—often by artists trained specifically for the purpose—became a common and perfectly acceptable practice as early as the fifteenth century;…

As can be seen in the accompanying pre-treatment photograph, James McArdell’s portrait of Lord Hardwicke, which the museum was considering for inclusion in its forthcoming mezzotint exhibition, possessed some serious condition issues when it was…

The condition of this page from Anton Koberger’s edition of Lives of the Saints is not bad considering it was printed more than five hundred years ago. Nonetheless, since that time it has suffered nearly the full range of the kind of damage that can…

The foxing apparent in Johann Lips’ portrait of Brutus is quite similar to the staining that once compromised the John Frederick Kensett drawing, Catskill Landscape (Palmer Museum of Art, 98.86). Because it remains in an environment that prohibits…
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