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Printed by E. Jones & G. W. Newman, New York

From the series North American Scenery

This view of Harrisburg, together with the depiction of waterfalls on the Lackawanna River (86.613) are three of the twenty-eight locations in Pennsylvania,…

Although chartered in 1831, the Cumberland Valley Railroad Company didn’t complete its first span of track, between White Hill (just west of Harrisburg) and Carlisle, until August 1837. Service was extended further south to Chambersburg later that…

In order to complete its main line, the initial railway between Philadelphia and Pittsburg, the Pennsylvania Railroad needed to cross the Susquehanna River at some point between Harrisburg and the mouth of the Juniata River, where the tracks would…

In 1850, Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania since 1812, hosted a single railway, constructed by the Pennsylvania Railroad, which ran just east of the city, paralleling the Pennsylvania Canal. Within three decades, around the time this…
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