Recent Acquisitions,
May 5-August 9, 2015


Recent Acquisitions,
May 5-August 9, 2015


May 5-August 9, 2015


With this installment of Recent Acquisitions, the Palmer Museum of Art offers a selection of American and European prints that range more than four centuries in date. The earliest is a full-page woodcut, titled The Last Judgment, which was once bound in the Nuremberg Chronicle, published by Anton Koberger in 1493. Other Old Master prints include a posthumous portrait of the German printmaker Heinrich Aldegrever by Simon Frisius, one of Marcantonio Raimondi's audacious engravings after Albrecht Dürer, and a woodcut depicting Christ carrying his cross from Sebald Beham's 1521 Passion series. Two closely related views of pre-Haussmann Paris, representing distinct factions of the etching revival in France, complement a pair of intaglios of a Nova Scotia inn executed two years apart by American etching revivalist Stephen Parrish. A bit of humor is added to the exhibition with a couple of early nineteenth-century caricatures of the British royal family by Charles Williams and George Cruikshank and a lithograph depicting a crowded Coney Island beach drawn by Mabel Dwight in 1928.


Palmer Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania State University


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Collection Items

Veduta del Porto di Ripa Grande (View of the Harbor and Quay, Called the Ripa Grande), Plate 27 from the Vedute di Roma (Views of Rome)
Born in the town of Mogliano Veneto, just north of Venice, Giovanni Battista Piranesi studied and became proficient in a variety of trades—engineering, architecture, stage design, and engraving—all before he reached his twentieth birthday. In 1740 he…

Christ Bearing the Cross, From The Passion
Although most biographies of Sebald Beham propose that he apprenticed with Albrecht Dürer, ostensibly between circa 1515 and 1520, no documentary evidence survives to confirm the association. The earliest mention of Beham in reliable accounts list…

Angel Appearing to Joachim, From the Life of the Virgin
Prior to settling in Rome, where his reputation as one of the most important printmakers of the Renaissance was won through the many reproductive engravings he made after designs by Raphael, Bolognese-born Marcantonio practiced for several years in…

Portrait of Heinrich Aldegrever, From the series Pictorum aliquot celebrium praecipuae Germaniae inferioris effigies (Effigies of some celebrated painters mainly of Lower Germany)
From the little information available regarding the early life of Simon Frisius we can gather that he began his career as an engraver of calligraphy, working in Paris just before the turn of the seventeenth century for French engrosser Guillaume Le…

The Last Judgment, From the Nuremberg Chronicle
The making of the Nuremberg Chronicle, a biblical-based world history issued in 1493 by the Nuremberg publisher Anton Koberger, was, like the production of most books at the end of the fifteenth century, a highly collaborative affair. With funding…

Le Port de Douarnenez (Port of Douarnenez), No. 14 from the series Le Beau Pays de Bretagne (The Beautiful Countryside of Brittany), 1898–1917
Henri Rivière is perhaps best known for his association with the Chat Noir, the famous cabaret opened in the Montmartre district of Paris by Rodolphe Salis in 1881. While still a teenager, Rivière edited and contributed to the Chat Noir’s weekly…

Frenzied Effort
Connecticut-born Peggy Bacon received her artistic training at several schools in New York City, including the Art Students League, where from 1915 to 1920 she studied painting with some of the New York art world’s leading figures, including Kenneth…

Old Acadian Inn Yard
This reduced version of Old Acadian Inn Yard represents one of ten plates etched by Parrish—all but one diminutive reproductions of originals—to serve as illustrations for his 1884 Catalogue of Etchings, a privately published compendium of the…

Old Acadian Inn Yard
In 1877, 31-year-old Stephen Parrish sold his stationary business in Philadelphia to pursue a career in painting. Two years later, after encountering Philip Gilbert Hamerton’s Etching and Etchers, published in 1868 as a response to the growing…

Sales by Auction!—or Provident Children disposing of their deceased Mother’s Effects for the Benefit of the Creditors!!
George Cruikshank was one of the leading caricaturists during what is often called the “golden age” of British satire, which peaked during the latter years of the Georgian era. Like his colleagues James Gilroy and Thomas Rowlandson, Cruikshank…
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