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In the latter years of the 15th century, Flemish manuscript illuminators initiated a new approach to the embellishment of borders—the area of a page that surrounds the painted miniature or, as in the two sheets on view here, the written text.…

Forging Alliances installation view with Oliver Statler, Modern Japanese Prints: An Art Reborn open to illustration of Staring by Kiyoshi Saitō, 1950; and James Michener, The Modern Japanese Print: An Appreciation open to illustration of Listening…

Holiday began publishing in 1946, immediately following the end of World War II. Known for commissioning noted writers and artists, it had over a million subscribers in the 1960s. This all-Japan issue includes articles on Japanese language and…

Published by Charles E. Tuttle Company, Tokyo and Rutland, VermontJames Michener’s introduction to this book describes Oliver Statler as “a quiet American who entered Japan as a civilian employee of the army during the first years of the…

Installation view showing Mary Cassatt's, Margot Wearing a Large Bonnet Seated in an Armchair, before and after conservation. Thomas Hart Benton's Spring Tryout is hanging on the right.

Installation view showing Parmigianino's St. Thais, before and after conservation.

Installation view showing Honoré Daumier's Shwell... this is what I call a shplendid job.... and for shust five chous per pound!... (Ché cha une belle chaudronnerie!... et qu'il y en a pour de l'argent cheulement à chinq chous la livre!....), as…
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