Red Fruit


Red Fruit


Japanese, 1912–1980


c. 1972


This print exemplifies the collage-like style of this artist, who was best known for his sculpture. In addition to the variety of shapes present in the work, Mizufune uses an assortment of different woodblock textures to create the playful aesthetic of the piece. The curved, ravine-like contours present in the white stem of the large fruit differ significantly from the textures of the shapes inside and near it. The woodblock markings of these smaller shapes themselves also differ from each other.

The print’s title humorously contradicts the hues in the work, where a red fruit is present, but is by no means the most prominent feature in terms of size or position. Conveying Mizufune’s apparent pleasure manipulating and inter-relating shapes, Red Fruit also suggests an experiment with symbols and representations of quantity, space and proportion. The two shapes on the right side seem to interlock like a puzzle. Mizufune also seems to be toying here with how numbers can be differently expressed. The Arabic numeral “four” is juxtaposed with a “nine” symbolized with a pattern of dots composing a square.


Palmer Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania State University, Transfer from The Pennsylvania State University Libraries Print Collection




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